Norwegian Escape

Well, off a few of us went down south to the Caribbean, while a few of the others headed north to Europe! Cormac, Fitzy and I were about to board what would have been the best cruise ever!

It was leaving port from sunshine Miami on the Saturday, as everyone flocked to the bow of the ship to catch us departing. That night cormac and I had decided to go out for the night where we had run into a group of people from New Jersey, who had no clue what Canada really was! For the rest of the cruise, we had continuously kept running into them and always put a smile on our faces as we would always say “those are our friends” šŸ™‚

The next few days were spent at sea, as we had met up with a few other friends from back home, Sarah, her friend Lauren , Mackenzie Kelson, and his ex who was on the trip with him. We spent most of our time on the ropes course, waterslides, throwing down our skills on the court or just hanging out by the hot tubs!

We had then arrived in Saint Thomas, which was actually just like the tropical Saint John. We sailed in that day to a city covered by a sheet of fog. Jack and Cormac had gone off to the beach, while I stayed back and did a bit of shopping and entertained myself at Hooters.

The following day we woke up in beautiful Tortola. Much nicer than our last port we arrived in. The three of us, plus all of our families had taken a taxi up the mountain range on the island, to the other side where we were greeted by a beautiful beach! Spending most of our day there, we had gotten wet by daring to swim in the eight foot waves that flung us hundreds of feet! After, we decided to soak up some sun and grab something to eat at the beach house, where we had run into another person from back home, from KVHS.

After getting back on the boat, we decided to get back on the ropes course like we would every day! We had come to meet this really sweet guy from the Philippines who worked on board. He had told us that he once went to Saint John and remembers seeing “a great big moose statue with great big balls.” Since he had said those words, he instantly became the coolest guy on the ship!

Most of our nights were spent by me and cormac meeting down at the gym anytime between 7-8 because we could never figure out when we would be finished supper! After that, it was either off to the hot tub with Mac and Jack, or living it up on the Spice deck, where for a few of us had turned into a great time!

One night on the Spice deck, they had this glow dance, which was honestly amazing! It started off with such a great intro, to only be killed by all the 50 year olds just standing there and not dancing. Although after ten minutes the floor really came to life, partying and dancing, especially from this one twelve year old who Jack absolutely loved!

We then had stopped in Nassau for our final day, where the bunch of us had gone off snorkeling for the day and had gotten a tour of the harbour, even got the chance to boat past Chuck Norris’s house! And then once we got back, it was time to get ready for the last party of the cruise. It wasn’t as great as the previous night but still turned into a great night after taking a couple shots!

Even for me, normally only getting four or five hours of sleep a night, I never wanted it to stop! This March break was honestly one of the greatest I think all of us from Rothesay ever has had!!!



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