The Bluffs Trail, Sussex

Before yesterday, it was sunny, no snow and some of us were wearing shorts. Now we have a foot of two of snow, and our hiking trip quickly turned into a snowshoeing trip!

Once we got to the water tower and were all geared up and ready to go, we started on the trail, with me leading, making fresh tracks. For the longest time, both Alex and Preston were convinced that I didn’t know where I was going and that I was lost. This being only my 2nd time on the trail it was a fair assumption. Although once we rounded a turn and came along a clearing at the ridge, it was obvious that my guy instinct payed off.

Alex and Preston looking out towards Hill 7.

We were now on our way, climbing up to the first bluff. Once we got up to the top, we came across another small group of hikers. Us not being from the Sussex area, decided to find out some other trails around. We had already heard of Friars Nose and planned to hike it in the coming weeks, but they also told us about Hill 7 (to the right in the picture above). Thinking that might just be another trail to add to the list someday!

We said our goodbyes and off we headed, climbing even higher and further to the 2nd bluff. The view up here was amazing! Almost as comparable to last weekend’s hike of Mount Douglas.

Alex and I on top of the Bluffs.

Sadly, a few of the other guys weren’t able to make the trip this weekend. Although we are planning a big hike up to Friars nose, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun rising over the valley early in the morning. Would strongly recommend this hike to anyone looking for a great day hike with a view!

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