Mount Douglas Bald

We had gotten the Tuesday after exams off from school and thought to take a road trip somewhere. We had heard of this trail out towards Welsford we were interested in going to! Took us about a 45 minute ride from rothesay up there, until we found the small 8 foot wide trail, partly snow covered.


The hike up was a little icy in some spots, and I think all 3 of had our share of rolled ankles and falls. But what else can you really go to expect at the beginning of February?


It took the 3 of of us,Cormac, Preston and I about 15 minutes to reach the top. Towards the top of the trail you come to a great big Rock face often used by climbers in the summer, and if you look to your left. There will be a small trail that runs up the side of the cliff.

At the top, you are standing 715m up in elevation, on a granite cliff, overlooking the valley below. Able to see as far as Grand Bay and even a small plume of smoke coming from the pulp mill. Being careful to watch your step near the edge of the cliff. Behind you stands a small wooden helicopter landing pad.


By far one of the greatest views in New Brunswick, nothing much can compare to it! Once all the snow melts in the spring, we hope to climb the mountain again. But would recommend this hike to anyone looking for a short day hike!

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